Courses Offered

2019 QCI Continuing Education

$80.00 Fee
4 Hours | Online Video Course | Instructor: Steve Newton
If you are a QCI (Qualified Credentialed Inspector), you are required by ADEM to take a continuing education course each year in order to maintain your certified status.This online class provides information to help you obtain CE credit for Qualified Credentialed Inspectors.

Construction Math Simplified

$35.00 Member, $135.00 Non-Member
3 Hours | Online Video Course | Instructor: Josh Francis
This online course provides an interactive, hands-on approach to understanding the basic math formulas and problems encountered in the course of daily construction activities.

Construction Safety Standards

$50.00 Member, $150 Non-Member
6 Hours| Online Video Course | Instructor: Scott Corbat
This 6-hour video course is a review of the safety codes required for residential construction. Students will be able to understand and describe the basic components of a construction safety program. They will recognize the hazards inherent at a construction jobsite and describe ways to prevent those hazards.

Math Basics for DET

This course is required before taking the Duct and Envelope Tightness certification course.

Residential Building in Alabama (12 hours)

$450.00 Fee
12 Hours | Online Video Course | Instructor: Tom Cooper
This is a 2 part video series that contains both the technical/trade portion and the business/law portion. The course will assist you in operating your business in a manner that will comply with the applicable regulations, provide customers with a valuable service and enhance your reputation as a professional.

Residential Building in Alabama (Business/Law 6-hours)

$225.00 Fee
6 Hours | Online Video Course | Instructor: Tom Cooper
This course will cover topics such as business practices, Alabama Energy Code, building codes, and Home Builders Licensure Board Laws/Rules.

Residential Building in Alabama (Technical/Trades - 6 hours)

$225.00 Fee
6 Hours | Online Video Course | Instructor: Tom Cooper
The course will cover topics such as site preparation, foundations, moisture control, and estimating.

Social Media Marketing for Construction Trades

$25.00 Member, $125.00 Non-Member
1.5 Hours| Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Josh Francis
Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing from experts that work in both social media and construction trades. Use these tools and tricks to upgrade your personal and professional profiles, drive leads, and increase business.